An Incredible Hunting Experience in Idaho's Salmon River Mountains

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to elk hunting. Some hunts are just about the animal, but some hunts are about much more than just the animal. This hunt is about combining the scenery, the lodging, the pursuit of the animal, and the history of a third generation ranch to create a complete Idaho elk hunting experience.

An elk hunt at Mountain View Elk Ranch not only includes an opportunity to hunt world class bull elk but also has all the elements of a classic big game hunting adventure.

 Contained within the 1200-acre mountainside, with panoramic views of the Seven Devils, Salmon River Mountains and 11 other fire lookout points; you'll be on top of the world.  Four thousand feet above the Salmon River, Mountain View Elk Ranch awaits your arrival.  Nothing is more exciting than stalking that majestic bull elk while enjoying the spectacular view of the Salmon River Mountains and prestigious Seven Devils Wilderness Area.



The Mountain View Elk Ranch, at 6,000 feet elevation, is handicapped accessible from rolling to rugged terrain scattered with Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine for concealing the archery enthusiast, untouched enough for black powder, and expansive enough for today's high power stage.  The elk are here.  This hunt is for you.


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